Intuitive AI for the Real World

Built on top of the INTELNET nuanced knowledge representation framework, COGVIEW is an architecture for modeling nuanced, conceptually mediated systems such as cultures, values, and beliefs.

Papers describing COGVIEW and INTELNET's applications to norm change, terrorism reduction, opinion mining, persuasive communications related to same-sex marriage equality, and more, can be found here. The main COGVIEW paper is here.

These tools assist in modeling systems at levels of nuance sufficient to enable advanced reasoning, drawing on knowledge representation at a level between traditional concepts and neurons.

COGVIEW incorporates insights from the social psychology literature, including priming and two-level (unconscious/conscious) processing, allowing systems to model the interplay between the very different types of decision processes operating at these two levels and to use model-derived information to identify likely real-time interactions between the two levels.

The COGSIM dashboard supports COGVIEW model management in addition to multiple reasoning algorithms for persuasion, negotiation, and more.