Intuitive AI for the Real World

Integral Mind's Intuitive AI™-driven products and services are organized as follows:
Brief Detour:

Integral Mind enables simulation, persuasion, and modeling via COGVIEW Deep MindMaps.

For those interested in knowing more how we model the human mind and how these models come about,
we suggest a quick detour to the cogResolv page, which provides initial answers for these questions.

Academics may also be interested in Publications.

The SimDash dashboard offers modeling, simulation, visualization, and prediction in one convenient package.

SimDash can be deployed on a single laptop for use in the field or in secure environments.

COGBASE is comprised of nearly all currently available open-source commonsense knowledge (2.2 million concepts, 10+ million nuanced 'knowledge atoms'), translated into a format ideal for deep-semantics machine learning and reasoning. COGBASE provides sufficient information for many real-world understanding task, including text gisting, natural language understanding, domain reasoning, and psychological/emotional reasoning (when integrated with COGVIEW).

COGBASE's knowledge supports much more powerful and more nuanced reasoning than the original knowledge from which it is derived. During knowledge translation, opaque concepts are decomposed into smaller ones and information derived from multiple sources is linked in a graph format, permitting cross-source information to be used simultaneously and transparently to generate nuanced predictions.

As part of its broader offerings, Integral Mind offers a suite of algorithms for performing detailed reasoning, document processing, and data mining tasks with COGBASE's help.

Click here to learn more about COGBASE and run sample queries.

Read the COGBASE academic paper (Elsevier Neural Networks 58(2014):131).

We offer short- and long-term consulting engagements allowing customers to benefit from Integral Mind’s unique strengths in their own projects.

Our suite of technologies can be integrated into your custom code, providing nuanced psychological/cultural reasoning/representation and knowledge-based NLP capabilities.

Integral Mind also offers seminars and other educational opportunities aimed at helping customers discover deeper insights.

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