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Previously available only to the US Government, Integral Mind's novel, non-statistical AI is the first to meet the requirements for AGI as set forth by Goertzel (2007), Google DeepMind (2024), Legg and Hutter (2007), Wang (2019), and others.

See our recent preprint and other published work for further information.

Built on entirely different foundations than those of traditional AI, the same properties that support the system's AGI capabilities also enable it to act as the first fielded superintelligence.

Validated in all respects - both theoretically and via the solution of otherwise intractable mission problems - by the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, State Dept, and other governments and organizations.
Comprehensively peer-reviewed in venues including AAAI, ICDM, KDD, Neural Networks, IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence, HumTech, and Cognitive Science.

Our Digital Enlightenment® platform enables customers to predict, simulate, imagine, decide, and act.

We specialize in problems no other technology (and in many cases, no human) can solve.

Proven by application in the real world, this AI is the first to be able to think, feel, and understand. It is the first to offer genuine intelligence, provable correctness, and provable safety and morality. It is fully transparent and explainable. Because it is not statistical in nature, it does not use training data. Its computational and power requirements are extremely low, and it is compliant with all worldwide Safe AI standards out of the box. It is therefore ideal for building genuinely intelligent, provably safe autonomous systems. It is profoundly responsible to humanity and to those it serves.

From a societal perspective, this work enables:
  • the establishment of pro-people AGI norms (uniquely, we offer provable safety and morality)
  • addressing intractable societal problems
  • enabling people to reach their full potential however they define it
  • enabling far more people to become entrepreneurs than would otherwise be possible
  • ensuring that AGI is available to all


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